The Joy Of Vinyl, records that is!

LP SleevesWhat’s the point of catching a fish only to throw it back again? asks my wife and possibly not such a strange question from someone who doesn’t enjoy fiddling with a rod and line. I’m sure an angler would be able to explain patiently, probably starting with the words “you just don’t understand” how it’s the thrill of the chase, the pitting of man against nature ( they probably keep the bit about getting out of the housework to themselves ) and the sheer joy of being in the open air. I used just those same words to my wife when trying to explain the joy of vinyl collecting ( well not the bits about nature and fresh air) It’s true she just doesn’t understand. I’m pretty certain that this is a predominantly male occupation as most collecting is although our Rokpool website dealing with all things rocky has more than it’s fair share of lady visitors ( my wife doesn’t understand that either )

As a lad I sourced and swapped stamps with no real plan in mind, frankly the bigger and more colourful the better, all those dull Victorian ones wouldn’t have interested me. My wife does understand why a kid would want to collect stamps, but an adult, that’s beyond her understanding and she just doesn’t believe that Queen’s Freddy Mercury was, amongst other things a fervent philatelist ( I jest not ). I don’t collect stamps now, I grew out of that when I discovered girls and music and acquired albums instead of little squares of paper.

There is a real thrill at finding an unexpected gem in a car boot sale and even more of a thrill when you get home and check it’s value, and hey the occasional mistake is a bit like a gamblers remorse, must do better next time. The entry cost is pretty low to begin with just a few notes and you’re on your way and of course if you are of a certain age you probably have a good number already.

Ah the joy of completing the collection, or theme, sharing your knowledge with other vinyl heads or just enjoying the music. Yes I’m one of those who must listen to it too, very carefully, indeed very, very carefully. I certainly don’t subscribe to those who own an LP just to own it, not the same joy for me, but there are plenty of chaps out there who wouldn’t touch them again once they are in their abodes.

Just make sure that your loved ones know when that bus comes around the corner and prematurely sends you to rock ‘n’ roll heaven that they realise there’s money ( and history ) in them there cardboard sleeves!

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