Way back in the mists of time, well the 50’s, four lads, who were to become possibly the most famous group in the World started an adventure that was to change their lives and possibly millions of others, by going to Germany. Yes the lads who were to become The Beatles played night after night at The Star Club in Hamburg, honing their skills and probably being very naughty boys. One of those lads, George Harrison no less, wrote a really intriguing letter to Carol Phillips, indeed he also kept in touch after The Beatles initial success sending her a couple of singles signed by all four of them.

These amazing artefacts lay in Carols draw for nearly sixty years, however following an introduction from a friend Rokpool were able to help her get them in Bonham’s Rock Memorabilia Auction this week, and together with another letter from George, she’s now over £10,000 better off, not bad for a ‘few bits and pieces’ sitting in an envelope, not quite forgotten but maybe unappreciated.

Now Carol has a tidy little sum and some Beatles fans some great memorabilia, everybody is happy, and we did our little bit to make it happen, so we’re happy too.

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