If you were a music photographer way back in the dim and distant past, hanging out with Rock Stars and being able to stay for the whole concert, you must look at todays upstarts and think what a hard career choice for them. Not only are they restricted to the first three songs of a concert to do their snapping but they hardly ever get to hang out with the bands any more and of course anyone with a half decent camera thinks they are a rock photographer and are posting pics in their millions online.
Chris Crask is one such golden oldie snapper who is the first to say that he couldn’t start a career now and make a living in the way that he did in the seventies and eighties when he was able to photograph some of the biggest names in the industry and go to the after concert parties at will. Some details are a little blurred, I suspect a little chemical intervention may have taken place but he’s sure he had a good time.
Chris was the house photographer for Arista records and responsible for many of the iconic album covers such as Whitney Houston and Pink Floyd, also working for PWL so Kylie, Bananarama, Rick Astley et al came into focus. So what happened to all those pics? well he still has many of them, so working closely with Beatpix we are able to bring these back to be seen and loved once again. One can now buy them and choose the frame size and finish a brilliant present incidentally for that person who has everything!
One of the best find was a collection of Bob Marley pics, from his very last concert, which have never seen before and they
are amazing images indeed.

So we are looking forward to the next discovery with great anticipation.

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