Sandy Denny Found in The Attic

Sandy Denny autograph

Sandy Denny autograph

I just love it when ‘things’ just come together nicely, and finding someone who was a Sandy Denny enthusiast was one of those times, ok not high on ones list of pivotal moments but quite satisfying. It all started a year or so ago when we ran an interesting piece on Sandy Denny on our site. This resulted in an email from Dave Swarbrick, yes the man himself, saying he had some Sandy memorabilia which he would like to go to a real fan. Well we sourced that enthusiast quite easily as we have loads of connections with music lovers Worldwide. As it transpired the transaction somehow faltered at the last minute, as these things sometimes do and no deal was done. I thought no more about it as there is always something new and exciting to deal with in the vintage music scene to attract one’s attention. Then out of the blue an email slipped into the inbox from Luigi’s daughter. Who is this man you may ask? Luigi was a waiter at The Speakeasy way back in the mists of time and of course he was serving numerous well known artists, among them Sandy Denny who took a shine to our hero and gave him a signed album, as did Tim Rose apparently.

Many years passed, indeed many, many years and now Luigi is not so well or indeed well off. While reminiscing to his daughter about the old days he mentions the signed album, which they manage to find in the attic in virtually perfect condition, she checks on the internet and finds Rokpool and hence the email to us asking whether we knew any Sandy fans, who might like a signed album. So off we trot, actually we emailed the guy we were in touch with previously and an introduction brokered, every body was happy, we got warm feeling from making it happen, Luigi got some cash in his pocket and the fan a perfect autograph with a proven provenance. Not a bad days work.

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