Led Zeppelin rehearsal tapes

I never made that O2 concert, as virtually a million other Zeppers didn’t, mind you I was never gonna be there without a ticket, I couldn’t even get on the website whatever I did, and is there likely to be another reunion another piece of rock history being created? I somehow doubt it.

But hey sometimes one gets lucky, I guess I’m more likely than most to ‘get lucky’ running a rock music archive site does bring me into contact with some extremely generous folk, not the managers, oh no their job seems to be just the opposite and having met Led Zeppelins legal advisor socially ( nice guy ) but bull-dog like in protecting his clients interests, there’s unlikely to be anything that slips under the net. But slip under it has. Yes folks a Rokpool fan gave me, yes, free and for nothing, the complete rehearsal tapes of Zeps O2 concert. Now how cool is that ??
Quality? I hear you asking, amazing I can confirm, and there’s not a flaw in the performances, not an “oops guys lets start again” or “let’s have a cup of tea”
( well they have calmed down ) no it’s a complete run through. So what makes it special for me? If I just wanted to listen to the tracks I could do that with the greatest of ease on a laptop or whatever, so clearly it’s not that, I guess just having it for a start is somehow special. Of course listening to it is pretty critical to the enjoyment too, if I close my eyes am I at the concert ? well no, of course nothing can recreate the electricity of actually being in the audience, however I could be in Shepperton Studios listening to the rehearsal and thats good enough for me.
So what does one do with something as great as this I ask myself, clearly I can’t put it on the Rokpool website or indeed any other music site, and I don’t want to be just one of the few who have it, so if anyone in Zeppelin land has any ideas just let me know.

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