Ike and Tina TurnerI am constantly amazed by how many musical gems find their way into the hands of the man/woman on the street. Ok, our passion at Rokpool is digging out these goodies and so our radar is tuned to the hunt and of course we always ask the pertinent question of industry insiders, so it’s not surprising when they open up the closet and reveal an extraordinary artifact, however how does someone come by a Tina Turner outtake ?? The guy who gave it to me had no idea where it came from ( he’d had it many years ) so that was no help and I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s saved for posterity. So what are we talking about here, well believe it or not it’s the outtakes of Tina and Phil Spector recording River Deep Mountain High, it really is an extraordinary item, sure your not going to listen to it a bundle of times but just to imagine being at that session gives a feeling of having been in an auditory time machine, I even think you can hear Ike in the background too. Of course what also comes through is the professionalism of the those involved.

The podcast will be available at Rokpool soon so you’ll be able to take that aural time trip yourself.

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    • dukeboxx2 says:

      I love this, would you mind if we republished with a link to your blog of course on our music archive website Rokpool.com it’s just the sort of thing our audience love and there are vast thousands of them….look forward to hearing from you. direct email is best Robin@rokpool.com

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