Beatles in the Attic

I’m often asked how we find the content for our music archive website, afterall  our ethos is to save rock/pop music history, so how do you go about doing that ? Well the first thing to say is it’s not easy, but actually it’s not that hard either. If you ask enough people somebodies brother will have been in a band, or managed an artist or nearly made it, however that is usually of little value, yes they may have a story to tell and we love recording them but generally those introductions don’t lead very far.

You would imagine the real gems should be with the obsessive fans and of course they have lots of unique content but are often reluctant to share, no it’s the ordinary guy in the street. In the last month I have met three people with extraordinary collections of ‘stuff’ in their lofts that until I came along  would have remained gathering dust till it was eventually thrown away.

So what were these discoveries ?  Lets start with the Beatles, yes, a portfolio of unseen Beatles photos left to someone in a will forty years ago and unseen since, there was of course the Jimmy Hendrix acetate but that was the month before, so I should stick to more recent ‘finds’, 1000 cassettes of rare Northern Soul and Reggae imports was offered to me a few days ago, to digitise and return and then there was the guy whose father was  a photographer in the 60’s employed by a TV company to take photos of all the bands who appeared on their shows, again most of those pictures have never been seen but certainly will now.

If these extraordinary artefacts are still tucked away one wonders what other goodies are waiting to be uncovered.

Finally I must mention the sunny Sunday afternoon when a woman rang said “my daughter told me I must call you before I take anything else to the dump, unfortunately I’ve already taken the master tapes, but you might want the remaining bits.”  She was the ex wife of the ex manager of Saxon clearing out the garage and there was plenty of intriguing stuff to rescue, the best for me was a letter from a hotel claiming the band had stolen the glitter ball, now that’s Rock n Roll !


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One Response to Beatles in the Attic

  1. Phil Nash says:

    Hi Robin,

    ‘The Beatles discovery’ does make you think about what else could be lurking out there: in lofts and cellars.

    Found you via the 4N Forum.


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